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Each month, we review 1,000+ news articles, blog posts, press releases, and newsletters, so you don't have to.

  • Receive actionable insights every month.

  • Support your decision-making process & minimise decision risk.

  • See the next big thing earlier.

This report is for executives, decision-makers, product managers, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

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What's in it for you

Thought Leadership

  • Stay up-to-date on the newest developments in your industry, your function, and beyond.

  • Cultivate meaningful dialogs with your customers and stakeholders.

  • Foster cross-silo conversations and build a shared view of the future.

Strategic Foresight

  • Discover new business opportunities and potential threats earlier.

  • De-risk strategic initiatives.

  • Understand the context of market developments.

Better Decisions

  • Integrate innovation insights into your decision-making process.

  • Increase the effectiveness of your team.

  • Add value to your organisation.

How it works

We review over a thousand of relevant sources for signals in technology, market & business model innovation.

We collect, contextualise & analyse the signals. We, then, compile the resulting innovation trends and their implications into an accessible innovation trend report.

You receive the Executive Innovation Report at the beginning of each month in a convenient pdf format via email.

Who we are

We are five young professionals and business & technology students who are passionate about innovation and the newest developments in tech and business.

We have researched and reported on trends at:
SAP, Salesforce, Vodafone, Deloitte, Porsche Consulting, Detecon Consulting, and several startups.

We have studied at:
University of Mannheim, Technical University of Munich, EDHEC Business School, Fudan University Shanghai, KAIST College of Business, Oxford Brookes University, and OTH Regensburg.

What's next

We value transparency and accessibility.

Over the next weeks / few months, we will send you the first BETA versions of the report and ask for your feedback on the content and format. Also, since you're one of our first subscribers, we would like to get to know you, your specific needs and your situation in general. #innovator

Currently, we're developing the database and the system we will be using to capture all relevant trends and signals as well as refining the frameworks we will apply.

Our goal is to not just give you a paraphrased news abstract but to contextualise and enrich the information with insights for you to make better decisions.

Eventually, we envision the Executive Innovation Report (EIR) to be a freemium, subscription-based product for executives, decision-makers, product managers, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

As we're developing this project with the best intentions in mind and parallelly to our main occupations, we focus on validating the most critical hypotheses first.

You will get periodic updates on the progress and more information about us and the EIR.

Your input and feedback are very welcome. You can contact us at

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